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Michael Dillon

A mural artist and decorative painter of international repute, Michael Dillon specialises in fantasy murals, trompe l'oeil, decorative schemes and painted furniture.

Please take time to explore this website to view a selection of his work. Browsing through it will give you an idea of the diversity and quality of commissions undertaken.

Michael Dillon

Michael enjoys working closely with his clients and will tackle commissions both large and small, be they fantasy murals, historical decoration, trompe l'oeil, theatre backdrops, hoardings, the design and decoration of furniture or luxury packaging. He particularly enjoys figurative painting and combining people, animals, landscape and architecture in "Excursions into Fantasy".

Whilst based in Dorset and Ireland, Michael has travelled widely to undertake commissions in many other parts of Europe, North America, the West Indies and Africa. Most of his work is to be found in private residences but he has worked for the National Trust and a number of country house hotels, and commercial clients have included Fortnum & Mason and Harrods.

Michael was born in Co Louth, Ireland. His interest in painting started in childhood when he drew and painted many of the numerous species of wildfowl to be found on the River Boyne estuary. He subsequently farmed in Ireland, New Zealand, England and France before deciding to start his career as a decorative painter.